Divas of Darkness Slots

The Divas of Darkness appear throughout this slot game, with several of them looking ready to welcome anyone who ventures into their club. We think an innocent soul might well regret that decision, although whether they would live long enough to do so is another matter. But we should stop - we fear we have given away the theme of this game already. Can you think of what else might appear in this slot game? Read on and you'll soon have all the answers.

Which game studio created this slot?

We have another excellent effort here from Spin Logic Gaming.

Did you know you can always try it free of charge?

Just make sure you choose the demo or practice option rather than the alternative paid version. You're good to get started with their demo credits.

Discovering the theme in play in Divas of Darkness

The game is based around vampires, hence the choice of a nightclub, we guess, where they all hang out in safety. We wonder whether they would welcome anyone wandering in though - they do have some drinks available in this game, and we would advise against anyone sipping those…

Does the design fit with Halloween season?

Some slots are overtly Halloween themed, but we wouldn't include this game among them. Instead, we would describe it as a subtle nod to vampires, which really form their own theme anyway. Expect the game to take place in that nightclub setting, as described earlier.

Reels, prizes, and more in Divas of Darkness slots

Expect the familiar five-by-three game screen here, without the appearance of any progressive jackpots. The theme comes into play by adding a casket as the wild icon, and this substitutes for most other symbols. The exception is the scatter, as you might expect, and this is the VIP invitation, so it is easy to see.

Paylines do not feature in Divas of Darkness

There are ways to win in action instead, and the 5 x 3 format provides you with 243 of those.

The way wins format requires that you use a bet multiplier

You'll see the available coins you can use in Divas of Darkness once you load the game. No matter the coin value, you must play with 25 of them per spin. So, choose a penny and you'll play 25 cents per spin.

Paytable details clarify certain aspects of the game

Most importantly, they lay out all the prizes that it offers, so you can see what you make of those.

Does Divas of Darkness include some bonus rounds?

There are no rounds that occur on another screen, but there is something that could randomly happen on any spin you make. This involves wild reels. The idea is that any spin could result in finding one, two, three, or four wild reels making an appearance. We played for a while as we reviewed this game and didn't manage to see it in action, so it's obviously not that common. The random nature does mean you never know when you might see it though.

Can you trigger some free spins to play?

Yes, but you need at least three VIP invitations to receive some. This quantity would unlock eight free spins, but you might do better. Find four or five of the triggering scatters and the result is 12 or 16 free spins instead. You can trigger more spins with three or more scatters while playing the first set too.

There are a couple of elements to note during these games that perk up the potential as well. Firstly, the wild symbol can land on any available reel this time, rather than restricting itself to the middle three. Those main reels offer the chance to collect a 2x, 3x, or 4x prize multiplier as well if a wild features in a winning combination. The multiplier reflects the reel it appears on. It's even better if you can land two or more multipliers as they work together if they appear in the same combo.

Return to player details do not appear with the slot

We guessed this as they never do with games from this developer.

Is it a good idea to meet the Divas of Darkness?

If you love a vampire theme, this game does provide you with a different twist on things that isn't as overt about the theme as other games sometimes are. Scoring this at 8/10, we can say there are some impressive elements to note throughout.

There is some promising prize potential in this game

The information we have reveals that the highest prize per line is 50,000x your bet. We can only imagine that this might occur with the aid of those wild multipliers if you landed a few on a winning line during the free spins.

Play for entertainment first and to meet the divas themselves

You will soon get a sense of how this game works and whether you might want to commit some of your budget to the real version.

Will you move across to the real thing?

Thankfully, there are no real vampires here, but you can choose to go for real bets worth a quarter or more on each spin.

Mobile action is up for grabs too

The game offers mobile gaming if you'd rather meet the Divas of Darkness on Android or iOS devices.