Ghana Win Slots

Ghana Win Slots

Ghana Win doesn't tell us much about the theme of this game, other than the potential setting of Ghana itself. And that turns out to be quite the clue, as we are going on safari in this slot game. We've revealed the theme early here, but we are keeping plenty back to sprinkle into our slot review below, so if you're ready, let's head out to find some animals.

Developer info for the Ghana Win game

This one comes from Spin Logic Gaming, still known in some quarters as RTG. The name reveals an excellent pedigree for this game though.

Demo access is provided for you to try

This is a regular feature of all games from this developer, so you can get to the details of the Ghana Win slot by loading and playing it with the demo coins they include for you.

A popular safari theme in action here

We already revealed the theme, so you won't be surprised at the inclusion of the kind of animals you'd come across while on safari. Other games use this same theme, but we think Ghana Win is an excellent addition to this area of play.

We're giving them top marks for the design as well

The design of any slot game is a key part of its appeal. You'll meet several animals on the reels, each one appearing in a colored frame. The backdrop to the reels brings that safari theme to the fore as well, providing lots of detail as you explore further.

Let's play Ghana Win to find out more about it

The game has six reels for you to spin and four icons on each, although it doesn't present you with any progressive jackpots anywhere. You'll need to look out for the paw print in gold that appears in a circle, as this is the wild symbol. This appears on reels two through six but not on the first one. It can substitute for everything except the baboon that behaves as a scatter symbol. This behaves like the wild in that it appears on every reel except for reel one.

Should you expect some paylines to bet on?

No, this game uses way wins instead, and with the 6 x 4 format to work with, there are 4,096 of those in action in each spin.

This means there is one fixed wager to choose for each spin

The developer is known to appeal to a wide range of players and budgets, so you can sort through the available spin bets to find something suitable to use for the game. Remember that you can try the demo first to determine which values might work for you.

Paytable details for Ghana Win

This slot game uses a single page to present you with all the info for the game. You can therefore check out the paytable and go through the prize amounts, rules, and bonus details prior to your first spin.

Should you expect to see a bonus in action?

Ghana Win may produce a Guaranteed Respin Win with Multiplier - phew, that's a long name for a bonus! If you lose a spin, you may see this appear, although it won't always do so. If it does happen, you'll get at least one respin of the reels. If that respin doesn't produce a prize, you'll get another one. This continues until the respins do generate at least one prize, at which point you'll get a random multiplier for the prize of at least 1x and perhaps up to 7x. You then return to the usual paid spins.

Did you know you can also trigger some free spins?

The baboon is the key to getting these, and you need three of them to receive eight free spins. Another baboon appearing in the triggering combo will bring 12 spins instead, while five baboons generate the maximum 16 spins.

The side of the game screen displays a multiplier for each of the free games. This could be a regular 1x, but it might reach as high as 7x.

Don't expect to find any RTP details anywhere

This is common enough for this developer, as they never release a confirmed return to player percentage for any of their games.

Our rating: How high does Ghana Win go on the scale?

This is a solid slot game that includes free games and the chance of a respin here and there as well. It doesn't do much that we haven't seen before, yet it combines a solid theme with some good gameplay for a score of 7.5 points from a maximum of 10.

A six-figure prize outcome is up for grabs

The initial info for the game reveals a top prize worth 226,800. This isn't given as a multiplier, so we guess it means a coin prize. Whether this comes from a single spin or from one game session it's hard to tell, but we wouldn't complain if we found ourselves on the receiving end of it.

Play for practice purposes to begin with

The game offers you some demo coins inside this version of the slot, so if you aren't sure what to make of Ghana Win from the info we have for you here, load the demo and see what you make of that.

Play for real Ghana Win action

The game is available for real play too, so check it out in that mode today.

Mobile gaming provides another possibility

You can load the game in a mobile casino if you wish, as you can try it on Android or iOS smartphones or tablets.