Neon Wheel 7s Slots

The number seven rocks up in lots of slot games, but those games tend to have something in common - three reels. So, can we say the Neon Wheel 7s slot has three reels in play as well? We'll find out soon enough, but we will say that if you like checking out slots with a touch of neon in them, this is one to explore further.

Who is behind this slot game?

Spin Logic Gaming took this idea for a spin and returned with the slot we have here.

Does it have the usual demo?

It does - Spin Logic Gaming does not disappoint in this category, but we don't think they ever do.

Working out the theme

Some themes are obvious, but this is less so. Does it have one? Well, those 7s appear on the reels along with neon colors in lots of places, so we guess this looks like a classic slot in many ways. It does also feature the titular wheel, which made us think about gameshows.

The design is bigger news than the theme

This is one of those slots that really offers a bright and shiny appearance to appreciate. You'll soon see that the theme doesn't really matter too much. The colors bring it alive and those are the most important elements here.

Are you ready to play?

Neon Wheel 7s does have only three reels, as you might have figured out. There are no progressive prizes involved, but you can watch for some icons along the way. There are two wilds in this game, the first being a regular wild that can substitute for other symbols except for the scattered wheel. You can even get a prize with just those wilds, although you will need three on the same paid line.

We did say there were two wilds in Neon Wheel 7s, and the second is a multiplier wild. This can only appear on the third reel, but as the name suggests, it does have a multiplier worth 3x to boost any prizes it helps with.

Paylines are kept to a small quantity here

You only get five in this game, and those are fixed.

Does this qualify as a penny slot game?

Yes, it does, offering a five-cent minimum wager that is ideal for anyone with a small budget. There are other coins available as well, and if you used the largest of those, you'd reach a $25 total bet on each spin.

The paytable appears beneath the reels

We suggest you go through to that before you begin, so you can work out what you make of it and to see whether the game has plenty of appeal.

What about that Bonus Wheel?

This does feature in the game, and you need three of them appearing anywhere in view on a spin to unlock this feature.

You can trigger some free games from the Bonus Wheel

When you spin the wheel to see what you'll get, it could land on any segment. There are bet multipliers available, along with a bonus spin that comes with 5x your bet. Another possibility is to get a jackpot. You might also score some free games, with different segments of the wheel bringing you eight, 10, or a maximum of 12 free spins.

We didn't notice an RTP percentage in the paytable

This is typically where you would find it, but since this is a Spin Logic title, we think you've got a better chance to find the info at the casino.

Did Neon Wheel 7s spin a positive score from our team?

It's tempting to give it seven points, but we'd be doing it a disservice if we did. Even though it is a small game, it deserves 9/10 for the variation of features in the base game and via the Bonus Wheel.

How much could you receive in prizes on each line?

The details provided with the game state that it is possible to receive up to 50,000x your bet on each line. There's nothing to argue with there - it certainly has some potential.

Demo action in Neon Wheel 7s

If you're unsure whether this three-reel game is going to appeal, the demo is where you'll find some answers.

You're then able to decide on the real game

It's simple to switch, but you'll need a casino account to access the game and see what you make of some real bets on it.

Mobile gaming also available in Neon Wheel 7s

This game is entertaining for sure, and its small size makes it easy to view and play if you're on a smartphone or tablet.