Ibiza Hotspots Slots

What is a hotpot? It's a tasty dish, sure, but this has nothing to do with the Ibiza Hotpots slot game. You might think the title ought to be about hotspots, since some people believe the island is a hotspot for young people to go abroad and enjoy themselves. So, what is going on here? Can we guess what the slot is about beyond the destination it takes us to? Let's see what's going on.

Which developer created the title?

This game comes from the ever-expanding collection connected with Realtime Gaming.

Practice play is fine to begin with

Yes, this developer always provides its players with a practice version of each game, and we have that in place again here.

The theme takes us onto the party island

This much is obvious, and the setting really makes the most of it too. There is a lot to appreciate in the design, as a lot of attention has been made to what's happening behind the reels along with on the reels.

We love the look of this one

That partying atmosphere comes through well here, but we have all the trappings of a sun-soaked vacation here as well. Loungers, a pool, and lots of space to relax between sleeping and enjoying the music and dancing.

Let's dive in and check out the Ibiza Hotpots slot in more detail

This is a 5 x 3 slot game, but it also includes a series of prizes set to the side of the first reel. Each prize is related to a specific quantity of symbols and given the logo at the top of this column, it's obvious that this is the one you need to look for. Find nine and you'll get the jackpot at the top of the column.

Back to the reels though, and you can easily spot the wild as it uses that word over the top of a champagne bottle. You can't use this to substitute for the jackpot symbol (the logo) or the VIP tickets used as the scatter.

How about some paylines to play on?

Yes, this game does revolve around paylines, and RTG has slotted 20 of those into play. They have also made them fixed, so they're all in action on every spin. Remember this when you are considering how much your coin should be worth.

Is this an expensive slot game to play?

A lot will depend on your budget, so figure that part out first. You should expect a series of coins to choose from, so you can select something that works for you and covers all 20 lines comfortably.

Paytable info is as good as ever for an RTG slot game

You can count on this team to lay out all the details in its paytable, and you'll find it at the left of your screen near the bottom corner.

Bonus features don't appear in this game

A quick glance at the paytable confirmed this.

Can you expect to trigger any free games in Ibiza Hotpots?

Yes, hopefully you'll manage to get through to this round. You need to land those VIP tickets on each of the middle three reels to get there. You can then decide how you want to play those spins. There are four options, with each one showing a different spin quantity and different multiplier. The higher you go with one aspect, the lower the figure goes with the other. The most you can get in games is 20, which would bring a 2x boost to your prizes. If you go for the least amount of games, you could get 10 of them, but this would boost the multiplier to 5x.

RTP details do not appear anywhere with this game

There is nothing to share on this topic.

What did we think of the Ibiza Hotpots slot game?

This is aimed at players who love the thought of heading to the party island, but even if you just love a good party, you'll find something to appreciate in this one. It's enough to give a score of 7.5 out of 10 in our opinion.

What is the maximum prize value?

The creators confirm the highest you can go per line is 50,000x your bet. We're not sure how that would happen, but we'd sure like to be on the receiving end. Be aware that when you're looking for those Ibiza Hotpot logos, the prizes relating to the quantity you get will differ according to your bet amount.

Play for some party entertainment first

The practice game is ideal for helping you work out whether you like this slot game enough to bet on it for real.

Play for real to experience Ibiza Hotpots today

Double check the wager you're starting with and be aware that you're not guaranteed to receive more than you bet on the game. Always play carefully and responsibly.

Watch out for the party atmosphere on mobile platforms too

Spot your favorite mobile casino featuring games from this developer and you can find this one there as well.